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Silverstone Technology Cluster

3rd April 2019

The Silverstone Technology Cluster is delighted to announce a new initiative launched in partnership with the Inside Silverstone Podcast.

The new initiative, led by Chris Broome of STC member firm Longhurst, is called the Mastermind Sessions. It has been designed to showcase the added value each professional advice firm within the STC can provide to all members, including businesses, their owners and their employees.

The Mastermind Sessions will consist of experts from selected fields (including tax, legal, financial planning, debt & finance, intellectual property, insurance, human resources, and recruitment, to name but a few) meeting to discuss a specific challenge an STC business or business owner may be facing.

The overriding objective of the discussion will be for each expert to bring to the table ideas and methods that they would potentially recommend to help solve the challenge. Each expert will share their views, which will then be discussed as a group until the topic has been thoroughly explored.

All Mastermind Sessions will be recorded for the Inside Silverstone Podcast, as well as videoed, all of which will be shared with our members at no expense. Our members are then free to dip in and out of topics as their business (and personal) life evolves.

The very first of these sessions has already been completed, with a chosen topic called ‘Capital Raising for Dummies’. This recording sees STC board members Barclays, Grant Thornton and EMW, as well the Foresight Group, sit and talk through the different mechanisms firms can explore if they’re looking to raise capital.

We’ve even got a live Mastermind Session being recorded at our Annual Conference in May.

Keep an eye out for this amazing content in the coming weeks.

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