New Wearable Tech group can open medical sector opportunities for STC members

Silverstone Technology Cluster

4th December 2019

The STC is to form a fourth special interest group (SIG) for members focusing on Wearable Technology.

CEO Pim van Baarsen said interest from members businesses has exceeded expectations and plans to form the committee that will run the SIG were well underway.

Indeed, the SIG’s inaugural events have already been pencilled in for 30 June and 26 November next year.

“At our initial open planning meeting we immediately had more companies interested than needed to get a committee up and running and to plan events,” reported Pim.

“The room had a really good mix of people who work in wearable tech but also who do the software development, plus others who are keen to learn more about the practical applications of wearable tech.

“Already we have started to build a framework of topics and ideas that the group should and, just as importantly, shouldn’t be exploring.

“The next steps will be to work with the volunteer committee members to decide on what events and where.”

Wearable Technology is defined as a category of electronic devices that can be worn as accessories or embedded in clothing, implanted in the user’s body or even tattooed on the skin for medical purposes.

Medilink East Midlands is a networking organisation that provides business support and grants for innovation in medical tech and health applications whilst promoting collaboration between individuals and businesses.

Innovation Adviser Teresa Smith said: “The medical market is very large and growing, particularly in areas of wearables and data manipulation, and this new SIG could help to provide many new opportunities between STC businesses and Medilink East Midlands companies.

“You’d be surprised how much potential cross-over there can be between the types of technologies and componentry designed and manufactured, for example, in motorsport or sports clothing and those needed in the MedTech arena.

“Think of areas such as surgery using complex composites in joint replacements, to  trays and mobility accessories on wheelchairs, instruments used in surgery and on wards, hearing aids, dental prosthetics… the list goes on.

“I interact with lots of companies who want to know if there’s anybody out there who can design or manufacture X, Y or Z swiftly and to a high degree of accuracy, often small volumes but long term of high value.

“The Wearable Technology group can therefore be incredibly useful for getting us out of our boxes, making new introductions, hearing what different companies are capable of and encouraging people to think across boundaries.”

CLICK HERE for the STC’s 2020 special interest group calendar.


Photo – Baffin Technology Ltd.


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