Wearable Technology

Our Wearable Technology special interest group was formed in early 2020 in response to this growing field of technology. We will bring you the latest developments in research, innovation and evolving applications across an increasingly diverse range of areas. From healthcare to manufacturing, there seems no end to the potential impact of wearable technologies in future. 

The SIG brings together experts in the separate fields to encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing and thought leadership, aiming to:

  • Showcase leading edge developments
  • Keep members up to date with developments
  • Explore collaborative projects
  • Promoting technological challenges
  • Signposting
  • Enable peer-to-peer networking

Our SIG Champions are:

Steven Borley of Ducathen

Colin Jackson of Partner Electronics

Phill Brady of PNB Mobile

Nick Fox-Male of Advancing Innovations 


Catch up on News and links to all the Presentations from our regular Wearable Technology Events:

October 2021 – Opportunities in IoT and Wearable Technology SIG Event

July 2021 – ‘New Tech and Valuable Advice at Wearable Tech SIG Event’

May 2021 – Life Saving and Future Tech at Wearable Technology SIG Event –  click here for the event recording.

April 2021 – ‘Life Saving and Future Tech at Wearable Technology SIG Event’

Wearable Technology: Now and next – click here to review event recording

Dec 2020 – ‘A Glimpse of the Future at first Wearable Technology Special Interest Group Event’

If you have an expertise in technologies related to these areas and would like to get involved, please email pim@silverstonetechnologycluster.com. 

Catch up on News and links to all the Presentations from the Group’s Events here.


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