Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Shared (ACES)

The ACES SIG has been growing fast with more and more people getting involved at each Event. This shows the increasing developments in the ACES areas within our high-tech Cluster. The SIG aims to bring together experts in the separate fields to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing. It has the following aims:

  • Showcase leading edge developments
  • Keep members up to date with developments
  • Explore collaborative projects
  • Promoting technological challenges
  • Signposting
  • Enable peer-to-peer networking

Our ACES SIG Champions are:

Roger Atkins of Electric Vehicles Outlook Ltd

Philip Guest of Oxford Strategy

Sunny Chauhan of Gateway Digital UK

Simon Holloway of RML Group


Catch up on News and links to all the Presentations from our regular ACES SIG Events:

Mar 2018 – First ACES SIG Event Shows the Way Forward’

May 2018 – ‘IP and ‘changing attitudes’ among hot topics at lively first ACES SIG’

Nov 2018 – ‘ACES SIG Networking Event Proves a Big Hit’

Mar 2019 – ‘ACES Trends and Opportunities explored at sold-out Event’

Mar 2019 – Massive praise from auto industry for STC’s ACES special interest group’  

Mar 2019 – ‘ACES SIG could help UK match China’s automotive voice’

July 2019 – ‘ACES Group debates Future Ecosystem Challenges’

July 2019 – ‘Video review of ACES event – The Future Ecosystem’

Oct 2019 – ‘ACES Infrastructure – Challenges, realtities and possibilities’

Jan 2020 – ‘The Future of EVs Examined at ACES SIG event’


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