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At Warwick Acoustics, we are single-minded in our mission to create remarkable listening experiences. Our ground-breaking audio systems breathe fresh life into the music that moves you. Whether it’s through our multi-award-winning headphone systems or our world first in-car ElectroAcoustic System, we offer a listening experience that’s as immersive as it is intimate, as thrilling as it is authentic.

Warwick’s industry leading electrostatic audio technology delivers unmatched savings in power consumption and weight to automotive OEMs. These attributes combined with no use of rare earth metals and unmatched acoustic performance (as demonstrated through our world-renowned and multi-award-winning headphone systems), deliver significant benefits, especially for those automotive companies operating in the BEV and performance segments, where every percentage of efficiency improvement is critical.

Our broadband active transducer technology both replaces multiple traditional speakers (and their corresponding electronics) with a single flat panel and offers a design freedom that is not possible with traditional moving coil technologies. They can be deployed in locations that are not possible and with acoustic, aesthetic and physical shape tailoring to meet a variety of customer designs and applications/locations such as the instrument panel (IP), a-pillar/height, seat-back-centre, headrest (for personal sound zones (PSZ) & active noise control (ANC)), doors, rear parcel shelves etc… 

Warwick Acoustics is the only automotive grade electrostatics solution and we are set to disrupt the $5 bn in-car entertainment market with benefits that are both significant and not possible with competing technologies.


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