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VR Therapies is a unique social enterprise supporting wellbeing through innovative immersive experiences and virtual reality. From children with autism to the elderly with alzheimers we are work with people of all ages and abilities. We take children undergoing chemotherapy flying through space, those who can’t walk swimming with dolphins, the elderly down memory lane and help tick off bucket lists for those running out of time.

VR Therapies was founded by local nurse Rebecca Gill. Inspired by the amazing advances in technology, passionate about innovation and wellbeing but frustrated by accessibility, she opened the world’s first VR Therapies centre featuring magical multisensory rooms including:

–       Underwater VR headsets combined with hydrotherapy, allowing everyone to experience swimming with dolphins

–       Wheelchair accessible driving simulators used to tick off bucket lists (get grandad racing around Silverstone) or helping children             with autism develop road safety skills

–       Immersive multisensory room featuring state of the art technology including interactive furniture and walls with the latest VR                 including hand tracking, eye tracking, biofeedback and more

–       Gaming arcade supporting both physical and mental wellbeing through fun and games, with specialist 1:1 support


We provide a community outreach service as well where we bring the power of VR to those who would benefit most but are least likely to access it – from children’s charities to hospices and more.

Corporate wellbeing packages also available to support employee mental health, reducing stress and burnout, whilst inspiring creativity and innovation!


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