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Viva Consult is a business and management consultancy supporting you and your business on the corporate journey whether you are starting up, with scale up and growth, through to selling up and realising the value of your business

Such support includes:

A consultative approach to understanding your business, where you currently stand (point A) and where you are headed (point B)

Plotting a course from point A to B for inclusion in your business plans and providing insight into, and understanding of, the issues, events and milestones you will encounter and need to deal with on your journey

Identifying areas of required support/advice and either directly, or by introduction to trusted and complimentary professional advisers, making provision for that support and advice in relation to the issues and milestones in your business plan

Joining up and managing your engagement, internally, with your management team and, externally, with your professional advisers in order to give effect to your plans

Direct services include:

Business practice, planning, organisation and structuring

Sales, business development and client relationship management

Commercial and contract negotiations

Project management


Shareholder negotiations

Business sale / exit planning and preparation

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