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Roger Peacock


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Velocity is an IT services and solutions provider based in Milton Keynes, with offices also in South Africa and India. We leverage digital technologies to design and build state-of-the-art digital business solutions for our clients, helping them reach business process optimisation such that every member of the organisation can achieve higher levels of productivity, better time management and increased job satisfaction – and consequently, every customer can enjoy a superior customer experience.

Founded by Arno van Rooyen in 2010, Velocity has grown from being a one-person company to employing 25 people in three continents. We work with medium to large organisations in all industries globally and partner with some of the most cutting-edge technology vendors on the market.

Our core areas of expertise are business process automation, digital transformation and business process optimisation, but also offer services to existing K2 and Mendix customers in need of support, training and software development resources.

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