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Derek Perry


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UK Libra repair faulty, potentially dangerous Lithium Battery units, to be returned safely back into circulation, reducing the impact on landfill sites and removing the danger of reckless disposal.

Faulty Lithium Batteries are a potential serious health and safety risk, both to people and to the environment. This situation will grow as the demand for them increases.

Working closely with UK Government Agencies, UK Libra will design and develop systems to test and certify used Lithium Batteries.

Authorised testing and certification will provide an accurate overview of a Lithium Battery and its anticipated life-span, this will provide valuable information for anyone purchasing second hand equipment.

As more and more Lithium Batteries are used in everyday domestic and commercial situations, there is an increasing need for uniform standards to be set across ALL business and commercial sectors surrounding safe storage, repair, recycling, handling, transportation, training/education and disposal.

Long-term we aim to recycle lithium cells via specially developed sifting and sorting processes engineered to extract the precious base materials for re-use.


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