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At Tomorrow’s Journey we are developing products and services to help the revolution in intelligent mobility fulfil its promise and prevent it resulting in another high cost, inefficient and environmentally damaging system like the transport solutions we have today.

We have developed a platform called JRNY which will solve one of the most wasteful aspects of today’s transport, the chronic underutilisation of assets, epitomised by the fact that cars in private ownership spend 95% of the time parked.

JRNY achieves this by facilitating a service agnostic approach to asset management which we call the shared neutral fleet. The system matches underutilised assets to unmet demand from mobility services such as car sharing, non-emergency patient transfer and ride hailing.

Ultimately this means fewer assets that are more fully utilised, which is more efficient for all and maximises the benefits of new mobility for people, communities, businesses and the planet.



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