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The Design and Technology Association is a membership organisation with a growing membership of over 26,000 teachers and schools. The Association shares its name with the school subject it leads and supports. It is building partnerships with design, manufacturing and engineering companies who value the broad range of skills that design and technology provides their future workforce. The Association is perfectly placed to connect engineering, manufacturing, design and creative businesses with schools at a local and national level to help young people embark on careers that are some of the most exciting in society today through our Blueprint 1000® initiative.

Design and technology is a constantly evolving subject, and the Association encourages and supports change with schools and people setting educational policy to ensure that what is taught keeps pace with innovations in the wider world.

As the UK’s expert authority for design and technology, the Association believes that there should be the opportunity for all students, across abilities, to study high quality D&T as part of a broad and creative curriculum up to the age of 18.

The Design and Technology Association supports, develops, and promotes high quality design and technology teaching and learning as an essential part of the rounded education of all young people. We link schools and students with the world of business, manufacturing and industry and lobby government and key decision makers to ensure that the subject’s value is duly recognised and supported.


·       Training and CPD for D&T teachers from primary to secondary and post 16

·       Membership offering support to educational professionals to deliver inspiring D&T and engineering   subjects

·       Health and safety training and accreditation for all teaching within an educational workshop and food technology environment

·       Industry and Education engagement programme, Blueprint 1000 giving teachers and industry a good understanding of the different sectors and enabling industry to engage with inspiring young people as they enter the workforce at the beginning of their careers

·       Development of classroom resources for primary and secondary teachers.



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