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Created by an STC member, Tecadec is a portable computer workstation for people that need a large-multi screen setup to work effectively.  A wide range of serious computer users can now be fully productive, whether at home, or in any temporary working environment.  Tecadec can be Set Up or Packed Down in minutes.

Tecadec incorporates a regulation height desk and a 27in monitor, adjustable for height and angle, which makes it workplace compliant (DSC 1992-2002).  It also enables the laptop screen to be securely located in the optimum position as an effective second  screen.  There is a multifunction utility tray and plenty of desk space. Tecadec packs down into an incorporated rugged case.

Tecadec is a trading name of CreateQ Ltd which is the IP development part of the BritishBins group.  BritishBins is a well-established supplier of solid waste handling equipment from wheelie bins and recycling containers to innovative handling, separating and compression technologies.   Pod Compactors, Tipplers and SolaPactas are examples of other BritishBins innovations.

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