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Tecadec is a locally based company who have created a truly portable and functional workstation. A product that will revolutionize working or studying remotely with its multi-screen capacity, easy to set up and pack down and the option to use in the home or any temporary working environment.

Aimed at a wide range of target consumers, Tecadec is ideal for professionals or students who require a workstation capable of comfortably holding multiple devices with screens. With the ability to take a monitor up to 27 inches with both height and angle adjustable settings the Tecadec is the ideal workstation for all.

Tecadec is a trading name of CreateQ Ltd which is the IP development part of the BritishBins group.  BritishBins is a well established supplier of solid waste handling equipment from wheelie bins and recycling containers to innovative handling, separating and compression technologies.   Pod Compactors, Tipplers and SolaPactas are examples of BritishBins innovations.


 Tecadec – Office Anywhere : Tecadec


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