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Gerson Garsed-Brand


Managing Director


07780 595556


Sabe Fluid Dynamics offers specialist engineering services in the fields of thermal and fluid dynamics. Our team has worked for many years developing high-end products and applications within the fields of aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and thermodynamics. Our experience includes Formula 1, America’s Cup and department management within automotive and energy sectors.

Our business model is highly flexible and adaptable to our customers’ needs. We understand the typical pains within the engineering development workflow, we provide services which help you minimise or completely eliminate them. 

We help our clients to increase their throughput by enhancing their team and processes. We believe with a smart team and great tools you can achieve more.


Our services include:

 – Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

 – Performance development

 – Software development (automation, customised tools)

 – Data infrastructure implementation

 – Performance and correlation analysis

 – Cloud high-performance computing 

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