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Inspired by motorsport – a world that knows how to win, Point Zero Zero One (.001) is a new independent performance activewear brand for men and women. The brand name takes its lead from the thousandth of a second timing used across the sport – recognising it’s often the finest of margins / fractional advantages that can make all the difference.


Whether you aim to be world champion, or simply extend your daily run to the next lamppost the spirit of perfomance and winning is embedded into the brand.


We use quality technical fabrics, with design styling, and attention to detail, and where possible – like our Flow Viz paint fabric graphic pieces (Lightweight Jacket, perfomance and leisure tees) add a relevant, credible aspect of motorsport into the brand story.


And we are passionate about building technology into the brand – via wearable tech’ or fabric development.


Our DNA is in motorsport but our ambition is to build an energetic, creative, valuable global brand that inspires people (beyond motorsport) to perform, who choose the brand for its style, innovation and functionality.


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