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Chris Broome


Chartered Financial Planner & Pension Transfer Specialist


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At retirement, your whole financial life essentially collapses down to one binary question; will your money outlive you or will you outlive your money?

Our mission is to help people make the right kind of retirement plan. It’s a much shorter, less complicated conversation than you might expect.

Clients of ours know that, whilst it’s reassuring that we hold the prestigious Chartered Financial Planning accreditation and hold the appropriate qualification requirement for Pension Transfers, our team is focused on helping you to answer the one overriding question we all have – ‘are we going to be ok?

We specialise in pensions, every type of pension, no matter how big or complex, and find great satisfaction in helping our clients secure their version of financial independence. What does your version of independence look like? We’d love to help you find out.

We provide advice across:

  • Personal Pension Plans
  • SIPPS (Self-Invested Personal Pensions)
  • SSAS (Small Self-Adminstered Schemes)
  • Defined Benefit / Final Salary Schemes
  • Automatic Enrolment
  • Tax Planning



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