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Mindset Associates was launched in late 2016 with a view to change the world by enhancing people’s brilliance and accelerating business growth.

Mindset Associates is a team of commercially-minded, senior level change experts who have varied backgrounds (Leadership Development / HR/ Operations / Customer Experience) but all worked in the thick of it and understand how change happens and how to make it stick.

One of our core products MicroLeadership is aimed at anyone who leads multi-generational teams in complex environments where old hierarchical structures and traditional management principles just don’t seem to fit. If you are looking for the edge that will make a difference to the performance of your team or organisation then Microleadership is for you.

We hear a lot from leaders or businesses where they have highly adept technical experts who are now stepping into leadership roles and need help to develop these complex people leadership skills. The 6 habits that are the foundations of MicroLeadership will make you a leadership superstar!

  • Make decisions under pressure with unclear or incomplete information
  • Rapidly communicate clarity and inspire those you lead
  • Build connection and engagement by tuning into the needs of your team
  • Deliver exceptional levels of personal output without destroying your own life balance
  • Lead diverse teams and harness the power of subject matter experts and emerging talent
  • Produce tangible improvements to your business’ growth and financial performance by focusing on what really makes a difference.


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