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Company: Hexegic is an award-winning, NCSC certified technology consultancy that has a proven record of accomplishment in delivering innovative solutions to high performing organisations across both the Government and commercial sectors using our experience in the CYBER, RISK and INTELLIGENCE domains. Hexegic’s unifying purpose is to empower its clients through knowledge and insight to ensure organisational success and resilience. The company’s ethos is to deliver excellence differently.

Purpose: Hexegic was founded in 2009 to support niche government clients and has delivered increased resilience across multiple contracts with challenging requirements, constrained timelines and fixed budgets. We provide specialist advice in the cyber, risk and intelligence areas, enabled both by having experts in all three fields with extensive experience building skills during their support and by all our staff having UK Government security clearances. We also are a supplier of specialist engineering services, both as consultancy and through service offerings in both Platform and Infrastructure as a Service (PaaS, IaaS). Our delivery of such expertise is underpinned by having innovation at the heart of all we do – all our projects have utilised novel technologies or non-standard use of techniques or methodologies to deliver better project outcomes. Our multi-disciplinary approach has ensured that a wide range of knowledge and experience can be brought to bear in the delivery of client requirements to provide a successful outcome, usually with a capability enhancement. Our ability to innovate has meant we have created new capabilities alongside novel and unconventional use of current technologies for project benefit. We are NCSC certified consultants, Cyber Essentials Plus, ISO 27001 & ISO 9001 accredited.

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