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Hernshead Recruitment founded by Tom Johnson & Lord Sugar, focuses on providing specialist skills for companies at the forefront of Technology & Engineering.

The world didn’t need another generic recruitment agency promising the world and delivering the same service. We have access to the same tools (such as Job Boards & LinkedIn) that everyone else does. What sets us apart is the understanding of your business, job & industry and our honesty to you (even if sometimes we have to tell you things you might not like to hear).

We believe the UK continues to be one of the leading countries within Engineering & Technology in the world.

It’s crucial that these companies, innovators and entrepreneurs along with the Engineers of today and tomorrow, are given the support to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of Engineer & Technology Design.

Whether you are a small business trying to get an idea off the ground, a growing business being recognised for your achievements or an Engineer looking to progress your career you are equally as important to Hernshead.

For us it is about companies & people that want to develop, grow and contribute to the industry. If you tick all three of those boxes, then we want to help you.


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