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 Gobby in a nutshell…

 Gobby is a first to market online survey tool that prioritises two-way communication by inviting respondents to describe their perceptions to more open questions. This enables learning from people’s lived experiences and not asking them to conform to pre-set answer options set by the organisation, or rating scales with little or no context.

The problem with traditional online surveys…

The collection of people’s perceptions (qualitative data) has, historically, been expensive and messy i.e., reliance on artificial intelligence programmes or focus groups. Therefore, organisations tend to fall back on traditional online surveys, with ‘best guess’ pre-set answer options that ultimately reinforce perception gaps between decision makers and, well, everyone else.

Gobby as a solution…

Gobby infers ‘voice of the customer’ and is committed to the principles of co-production. In other words, we value and learn from people’s lived experiences. 

Group intelligence, from the people that know your organisation best, is often untapped.

With Gobby surveys, respondents create the answer options for their peers to validate (vote for), solving problems where ‘we don’t know what we don’t know’.

Co-creating insights and innovation that are mutually beneficial, transparent, and more meaningful, results in collaborative decision-making, communication, trust, and respect.



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