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Amedeo Bianchimano


Director - Business Development and Sales




Automotive Safe AI ® solutions

 Eatron Technologies is an Intelligent Software powered products & solutions company specializing in Electric & Autonomous vehicles.

Our solutions are powered by Eatron’s special IP and tools for Automotive Safe AI ®: individual AI functions satisfying automotive safety and verifiability requirements.

Our products include:

AI Enabled Battery Management Software – BMSTAR ®

BMSTAR ® combines highly accurate models of the battery with Artificial Intelligence and advanced estimation methods, to ensure accurate and reliable data on the battery state for optimised battery life and safety.

AI Powered Level 2+ ADAS – L2STAR®

L2STAR® is an automotive grade, Level 2+ ready, modular ADAS software architecture powered by  Automotive Safe AI®, including:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Centring
  • Automated Lane Change
  • Automated Parking



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