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Andy Long


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DaniHar Technology help YOU by offering an innovative multi-discipline team to solve your engineering and product design challenges. Our talented engineers can provide end-to-end turnkey solutions utilising state of the art technologies.

We offer a range of development disciplines from electronic design and prototyping, to multiple software technologies including embedded architectures, IoT, mobile apps and web technologies.

With more than 20 years of experience working in different industries such as automotive, medical, semiconductor to name a few, we are well positioned to take on your challenges. Coupled to our wide portfolio, a focussed and pragmatic approach, DaniHar Technology can offer industry agnostic, cost effective and scalable design consultancy. Furthermore, your business can benefit from cross industry technology transfer.

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If you are interested in a technical partnership over consultancy, our new brand, Develop-Your-Tech could be what you need for your business.

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