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David Allan


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Pathfinders in cyber intelligence_

We secure freedom for organisations across the globe enabling them to operate and evolve without fear.  We combine our unparalleled cyber expertise with our expeditionary capabilities to equip organisations to protect themselves from cyber harm.

We are in the information age; the freedom of every country and organisation to prosper is dependent upon resilient and secure digital technology. Through decades of experience, we understand the critical interdependencies between individuals, teams, organisations, nations and the enabling information technology which stitches everything and everyone together. 

The impact of technology around the world is complex resulting in unique risk and opportunity profiles across varied and dynamic socio-economic circumstances. This is our area of expertise; our team’s experience in cyber capacity building in the most complex and unstable parts of the world is unparalleled. We combine leadership and diplomacy skills with deep technical knowledge to deliver capability that has impact and is sustainable.

CYSIAM provides world-leading expertise in offensive security and critical incident response. Using our government and military cyber expertise we train our clients to be able to protect themselves and respond to attacks and breaches when they occur. Our team share a fundamental desire to help people protect themselves, to give them the security and freedom to evolve.

Our team’s backgrounds range from academia to ex-military, many having served with central government departments in past careers. We don’t ‘turn handles’ or ’tread water’, it’s not in our DNA.  We enable organisations and individuals to understand what they need to know and do to operate and evolve in the digital age.


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