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Cyclopic is a start-up innovation company that has its roots in using their patented technology to produce an electric drive-system that operates a centreless wheel which will incorporate drive, steering, suspension, braking.

Having been awarded an Innovate UK SMART Grant they are collaborating with Productiv Ltd to produce a concept EV demonstrating the benefits of the drive-system that will produce unique height adjustment: – zero – 4×4, parallel parking and wheel manoeuvrability that produces a vehicle levelling ability. The E-Concept vehicle will provide a safety-ditch system, which would be ideal for autonomous applications.

Cyclopic Ltd are also developing the world’s first spokeless folding bike ‘The award-winning E-Cyclopic Bike’ Suitable for both the commuter and leisure market  folds into small spaces – under a desk or in a boot. The E-Cyclopic has a sealed unit meaning no chain, solid tyres and no grease. The bike uses the electric drive-system that operates the centreless wheel.

Through their ground-breaking innovations Cyclopic have recognised the scope for other applications including a multi-purpose UAV/ drone and wheelchairs. Cyclopic has full grants on UK Patents for their technology and International filings in Europe China, Canada and the USA. Cyclopic are looking to disrupt the current mobility sector and strive to be leaders in electrification innovation.

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