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Carnot is a technology start-up developing carbon free power. Our ceramic internal combustion engine enhances the positives of ICE technology whilst avoiding the downsides – mainly in the form of harmful emissions.

Our innovative engine design provides substantially higher efficiency, higher power to weight ratio and less emissions in a smaller and lighter engine which over its lifetime reduces total cost of ownership by 35% when compared to conventional diesel powerered engines. It has many of the benefits being easy to integrate into a wide variety of applications, with high reliability, a long lifetime and shares much crossover with existing engine manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure. The engine can run on a wide range of fuels including biodiesel but will ultimately run on hydrogen, proving localised power with only water as a by-product.

Carnot Engines are the key to accelerating the transition to net zero emissions in the most difficult sectors to electrify – long-haul transport and off-grid power applications which account for 15% of global CO2 emissions. This disruptive technology will revolutionise various sectors and bring the internal combustion engine into the 21st century.

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