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Jean-Philippe F. Launberg


Managing Director




AutoStrat Europe is a boutique automotive product and business strategy consultancy. We support our automotive clients in co-developing and co-implementing strategies and projects for growth, whether the vision is to expand into new markets, enter a new product segment or category, plan a new vehicle, evolve a robust technology plan, or assist in managing a complex project with a large OEM and/or a foreign business partner.

We are proud of our cosmopolitan experiences, particularly when doing business in China and South America, and in our success in ‘bridging’ the mindset of traditional automakers with those of the agile, hands-on, motorsport-bred community.

  • Market Strategy
    • Market opportunity assessment
    • ‘Entry strategy’ and Business Plan development and implementation
  • Product Strategy (vehicles; systems/components; technologies; services)
    • Competitive analysis
    • Unique Selling Points definition and assessment
    • Positioning strategy
    • Commercial and technical feasibility
  • Project Management
    • Process development/refinement
    • Co-implementation and support interfacing with clients/customers
    • Change management

Some of our most recent projects (including our Brazilian-domiciled sister company’s)

  • On-going (since Q2 2016) support to a Chinese electric vehicle OEM in planning, engineering and managing a new EV architecture, associated bodystyles and management of its relationships with European technology partners.
  • Co-development and implementation of an overseas market expansion project for 60-year old British motorsport powertrain company.
  • Technical support to an M&A project in South America for an European Interior/Exterior trim precision plastics automotive supplier [in partnership with Euroban Brasil]. 

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