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Our goal, for over twenty years, now and for the future, is to bring the latest technology for virtual reality, simulation and visual displays to our customers, and to work with them through close supportive partnership-based projects.

In line with market developments, we have expanded our overall offerings to support global customers in defence, academia, commerce and industry, incorporating the latest 3D immersive solutions and virtual reality technologies in our suite of solutions.

At our heart, we are an award-winning team of enthusiastic experts based in the UK, Italy and France, working with leading-edge technologies from a collection of exceptional manufacturing partners. We combine these elements to bring you the best solutions, helping you implement them every step of the way.

ST Engineering Antycip work with a range of customers, from winning sports teams, to noted engineering companies, to premier car manufacturers – helping them to improve at what they do.

And while technology and challenges move on, our passion to continuously use the latest tech to help address our customers newest challenges will never cease.

Virtual Reality & Immersive 3D Solutions

We bring together hardware and software from leading international suppliers to create virtual reality theatres, VR CAVEs and leading-edge VR installations, to assist organisation’s prototyping, design and review processes, so that they can get to market faster. Learn more:

Vehicle & Infrastructure Communication Networks, Design, Analysis and Testing

The promise of autonomous vehicles means increased information sharing and collaboration. Which in turn requires the creation and management of effective communication network systems for V2V and V2X situations. Our solutions allow systems architects and network managers to plan, test and evaluate networks for high level ADAS concepts, in a wide range of potential operating scenarios, by creating high-fidelity virtual models of both existing and proposed networks. Download our ebook on Network design and testing here:

Simulation and Testing

Our experience in providing the defence industry with vehicle and sensor simulation and terrain modelling software gives us a head start in supporting the automotive and transport industries in the development and testing of autonomous vehicle technology. Our simulation software solutions can help you better plan, design, test, review and manage your research, development and training. Learn more on our website:

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