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Posted 23rd August 2018


Partner Electronics are looking for an experienced electronics projects engineer to join our senior engineering team.

This is not just another engineering desk to fill, it is an opportunity to use your engineering skills and instincts to make a real difference to our clients and our business. If you can lead a team to deliver great solutions even if new skills and knowledge are needed, then this is our world. The next project is the next challenge, the next client is the next potential. This is a great opportunity to be involved in an expanding business and thrive as an engineer.

There will be the opportunity to work in many different market sectors, from medical to consumer products, so a dynamic and responsive mindset is needed to be innovative within the differing needs of these areas.

Working as part of a combined hardware and software engineering team, the successful candidate must be an enthusiastic and proactive engineer, able to form teams and manage successful projects.

There will be loads of interaction with clients, so good communication skills and personality are important. Work should be open to scrutiny and to a high standard.

The role will be office based at our Silverstone offices, in superb countryside in a region with a long-standing history of leading-edge technology, from telecommunications to motorsport. From here we work with our clients throughout the country and beyond, to deliver technology solutions and great service.

Key Tasks

  • Design and develop electronic and embedded firmware solutions.
  • Deliver excellent designs, service and value to clients
  • Client liaison and support
  • Provide measurable project estimation and management
  • Capture requirements and specifications
  • Develop engineering staff and positively influence the business


  • Technical strengths in at least one of the following:
  • Hardware electronics design in analogue, high speed digital, low-power circuit design
  • Wireless interfaces, power transfer and network design
  • Battery powered systems and circuits
  • Firmware design and coding in C/C++ for 8bit to 32bit microcontrollers
  • Embedded Linux application development with QT, with Linux kernel, U-Boot and rootfs
  • Experience and understanding of hardware interfaces such as video, USB, Bluetooth and Ethernet
  • Experience of camera and video streaming would be advantageous
  • Product verification and approvals
  • A good general electronics knowledge and experience is necessary
  • Competency in maths and English is essential
  • Relevant engineering degree or equivalent
  • Must have a car and clean driving licence


  • Engineering problem solver
  • Adaptable and willing to learn
  • Keen to express own ideas and to take on new ideas
  • Good task and time management
  • A character that makes the team stronger

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