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Posted 21st August 2018

We are looking for a number of engineers and software developers to work on Innovate UK funded projects to develop sensor models and simulators for autonomous vehicles.  As part of these 2 year collaborative projects we will be pushing the boundaries of AV simulation, building on the capabilities of rFpro, to enable the AI to be immersed into the virtual world.  We will be developing the tools to automatically test and measure the response of the AI across 1000’s of scenarios that need to take into account different weather, traffic and other environmental factors.

Claytex is a software developer and distributor specialising in modelling and simulation.  We develop a wide range of Modelica libraries for simulating the physics of how vehicles will behave and have worked on a large number of driving simulator projects to use these models together with rFpro.  Over the past 3 years we have been working, together with rFpro, on the development of these technologies to build simulators for autonomous vehicles.

In all these roles you will immediately be working with the partners in these projects to build and configure the simulators and understand the detailed requirements to build the simulator management environment, sensor models and handle the integration with traffic simulation tools and other aspects of the simulator.

Sensor Modelling

You will be working on the testing, characterisation and modelling of the full range of vehicle sensors that are used in autonomous vehicles including LiDAR, radar, ultrasound, GPS and cameras. Through the course of the project the sensor models will be integrated into a full vehicle simulator and automated test environment. The complete system (simulator, sensor models and vehicle control system) will be validated against real world tests.

Experience in one or more of the following is essential:

  • Modelling of sensors such as LiDAR, radar, GPS, etc.
  • Programming in C/C++/Matlab/Simulink
  • Creation of test and characterisation processes
  • Knowledge of the sensor types used in autonomous vehicles
  • Experience of autonomous vehicle simulation platforms such as rFpro

Software Developers

You will be working on the simulator management environment that will be used to configure the simulator to run different scenarios and measure the performance of the vehicle control system. The simulator will be used to place the vehicle into a wide range of test scenarios involving different traffic, pedestrian and other environmental factors. The simulator management tool will also need to configure the vehicle model with the correct vehicle physics model, sensor models and control systems.

Experience in one or more of the following is essential:

  • Programming in .Net, C/C++
  • Experience of autonomous vehicle simulation platforms such as rFpro
  • Interest in the development of autonomous vehicle simulators

For all these roles you will need to have a relevant degree and be authorised to work in the UK.

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