11th November 2020
The Global Boardroom: Shaping the Recovery – 11-13th Nov

Silverstone Technology Cluster

The STC are delighted to be joining the Financial Times Live as a Supporting Partner for the upcoming Global Boardroom event on 11-13th November. This is a global digital conference focussing on Shaping the Recovery involving 150 renowned speakers presenting across 3 days of debate and multiple timezones.

Timed to follow one of the most important presidential elections in US history, this event will gather policy-makers, CEOs, investors and other thought leaders who are stepping up to this year’s unprecedented challenges and driving change around the world. This is the ‘2nd edition’ of the Global Boardroom following an exceptional 1st event that focussed on ‘Shaping policy, business and finance in a time of crisis’. Intense discussions and presentations covered a range of current issues, including for example, how to rebuild a global workforce by acting now to protect over half the world’s workers and how airlines can fly out of the danger zone.

The Global Boardroom Edition 1 saw over 52,000 people registering across over 150 different countries. They listened to panel discussions and fireside chats involving global leaders including the likes of as Tony Blair, Al Gore, Governors of the Bank of Japan and England, The Secretary General of the OECD, CEOs of Novartis and Sanofi, and top academics from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford. You can review a 2-minute video here capturing the essence of Edition 1.

Businesses across our cluster can take advantage of these three days of live online debate, interactive networking sessions and over 150 leading minds in policy, business and finance giving their thoughts on where the world goes next. Book your place and get involved.

Our STC members can register for a Free Inspiration Pass or contact Jackie Affleck to access the Silverstone Technology Cluster Member code for a 10% discount on the Knowledge or Professional Pass.

For more information about this event please visit The Global Boardroom website.

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