11th June 2020
STC Webinar #11 – Get to Grips with Furloughing & Redundancy Rules

Silverstone Technology Cluster

 Join us at 11.00am.

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This webinar will be hosted by James Simpson, employment law solicitor & expert from STC member, Blaser Mills. Join us to hear  the latest updates and get answers to your questions on the Furlough Scheme and redundancy rules.

Aiming to support employers in the current situation situation, James will cover the Government’s latest guidance on the details of the Furlough Scheme extension to October, including the proposed employer contribution, expected at the end of May. He will also highlight redundancy rules so employers are prepared to make difficult decisions should redundancies be necessary.  

Join us to find out the latest information on:

The Furlough Scheme including emerging and tricky areas such as:

  • Who is covered including does the scheme extend to sole directors
  • Issues around selection
  • The extension to end of October and the Governments proposals for employers to contribute to the costs
  • How to treat holidays and holiday pay
  • Redundancy consultation during furlough

Review of redundancy rules including:

  • Collective consultation
  • Time periods and selection
  • Unfair redundancy dismissals

Please join us for a session that will bring you up-to-date with the latest information out there with valuable advice on next steps.

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