MK Digital Summer – Business Briefing


13th June 2018

Taking MK businesses digital

19th July  |  8:30 – 10:30  |  Victoria House, Milton Keynes

With a history rooted in technology, from the legacy of Bletchley Park to the current MK Autodrive (autonomous vehicle) trials, Milton Keynes can be considered one of the UK’s top centres for digital innovation.

By learning to efficiently leverage emerging digital technologies, such as machine learning and business intelligence, Milton Keynes businesses can further embrace innovation and aspire to contribute towards a world leading digital city that promotes high quality employment and provides powerful digital services to businesses and their customers.

By coming together and working in partnership, we can push the boundaries of digital business. Join our business briefing to learn more about what can be achieved and how, and share your thoughts and experiences.

We will be joined by Peter Marland who will give us further insight into the Milton Keynes Digital Strategy 2018-2025 and discuss how businesses will be supported in achieving digital excellence.


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