Mental health and wellbeing – how social responsibility can help shape a policy

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1st June 2020


Friday 5th June 11am

This webinar will look at how social responsibility can contribute positively to the mental health and wellbeing of employees, our society and the economy.

With a sixth of workers experiencing stress, anxiety and depression it is easy to see the negative impact this has on businesses. We will look at how you can reduce staff costs and maintain high productivity and employee engagement through improved mental health and wellbeing.

Businesses have people in them, and we can see a business as a subset of society in general. The issues you will find in society you will also find in business. A vital driver for business success is employee engagement and it is important to understand what can undermine it so that we can fix the problem.

This webinar will be co presented by Peter Abrahamsen, MBPS
Psychologist, Speaker, Author, Counsellor, Motivation and Confidence Coach

What will be covered?

  • The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Current challenges of mental health and wellbeing
  • Definitions of mental health and wellbeing
  • What is the cost of poor mental health at work?
  • The four ‘Business-isms

This webinar forms part of  ‘The future shape of business – how social responsibility will influence it’ series of online events.

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