Membership rises again with software/data management & systems engineering top of the table

Silverstone Technology Cluster

12th March 2021

The Silverstone Technology Cluster’s membership continues to rise, having now surpassed the 130 mark…

As of 9 March, total membership stood at 133 businesses, organisations and individuals – 13 more than in Q4, 2020, with the vast majority of them operating in high-tech.

Research showed that software/data management and systems engineering represent 40% of specialisms of high-tech members.

See below with Q4, 2020 statistics in brackets for comparison:

Software/Data management         20%   (-2%)

Systems Engineering                   20%    (+2%)

Design, Simulation, Modelling       14%    (same)

Engineering Services                   12%    (+1%)

Innovation & Research                 11%    (+1%)

Electronics                                   9%     (-1%)

Additive Manufacturing                 7%     (+1%)

Other                                           5%     (same)

Composites                                  2%     (same)


STC CEO Pim van Baarsen commented: “We have had a great start to the year, with a lot of interest in membership, and we have seen quite a few companies join in the last two months.

“I know a lot of our members are extremely busy, and so I am hopeful that this is all part of a great wave of activity and optimism to kick off the new year, with hopefully more great things to come in 2021.”

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