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Lucidity IP


Intellectual property and patent services can often be incredibly
complicated processes. There can also often be no immediately
apparent commercial benefits to businesses from protecting their
technical innovations, with additional uncertainty around total costs.

We aim to provide IP and patent services in clear language that requires
no specialist knowledge to understand. We operate on a fixed fee basis
which allows for accurate budgeting and cost forecasting, and we aim
to identify commercial benefits to the business before proceeding with
any work.

Our overall aim is to not only provide legal services, but to provide
strategic business advice that is tailored towards you and your business
and designed to achieve specific end results. The commercial aims can
be varied between different projects, including seeking licensing
opportunities in other countries, increasing company valuation, and
reducing UK corporation tax to 10% through the patent box scheme.

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Main Contact: Robert Sansby

Address: 17 Wilson Close
NN11 9WH


Tel: 07539957884