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Avayu works with SMEs all across product design, engineering and manufacturing to deliver simple and effective software solutions.
We cover all areas, including:

– Cloud adoption. Wherever you are on this journey, we can help. From migrating traditional on-prem desktop applications to streaming solutions, through to cloud-native and serverless architectures.

– Desktop and web applications. Spreadsheets creaking at the seams? Don’t let the wrong tools stifle your growth. We can move your business logic into secure and scalable applications, for internal or customer use, allowing you to react to new opportunities.

– Scripting and automation. Sometimes, the simplest solutions can be the most effective. We can automate the tedious, often repetitive and non-value add work of taking results from software A to software B, saving you time and eliminating mistakes.

– DevOps and security consultancy. Whether it’s regulatory compliance or peace of mind, we have experience with the ISO/IEC 27000-series of standards on information security, and take information security seriously in everything we do.

– Computer aided engineering integration. With experience in fluid dynamics and structural mechanics, commercial and open-source packages, we can optimise your workflow and deliver rapid product innovation.

– Temporary staffing. We can provide a range of support to your existing team, ranging from short-term engagements through to long-term maintenance and retainers. We can also provide interim leadership, product and project management cover, giving you flexibility and options.


Main Contact: Abeed Visram

Address: 40A Bearton Road


Tel: 07395 177263


Avayu News

The cloud – why should I care?!

Author: Avayu

Date: 13th February 2023

In this first article I’m going to touch on what we mean when we talk about the cloud, and why you might want to consider it by going through some examples and case studies.
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