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Advantedge Consulting


Offering sales and business development consultancy for small and medium-sized engineering businesses and RTOs including equipment sales, training, strategy consultancy, diversification projects and grant funding networking. We work with a number of clients in the welding, software and testing industries to grow their businesses into new markets.

Clients include:

Cambridge Vacuum Engineering.
CVE make Electron Beam Welding machines. AE Consulting has introduced CVE to a number of clients in the EV industry from OEMs to system integrator to help them develop the advantages of EB welding for the difficult to weld connections in the EV transmission including battery packs, ECUs and motors. We have helped CVE win government assisted programs.


Cambustion have re-branded their engine testing business in Cambridge to form CamMotive investing heavily in EV technology to allow them to test battery systems, full EV transmissions and hub dynos, AE consulting have helped CamMotive with this transition and to meet new clients.


About:Energy was founded on the belief that modelling can be used to accelerate the development of new battery technologies, About:Energy combines world-leading expertise in battery testing and software. Advantedge Consulting act as advisers and help develop new clients.

As well as these current clients we have worked with RTO’s, tooling companies and start ups to establish a sales strategy and to find new clients

Main Contact: Nick Edge

Address: Perris
Hoggrills End Lane
B46 2DB


Tel: 07917 811029