Looking ahead at a Post-Covid world at successful DSM SIG event

Silverstone Technology Cluster

10th December 2020

On December 8th, 2020 the Silverstone Technology Cluster hosted an online event organised by the Design, Simulation and Metrology Special Interest Group.

The event, titled ‘Post-Pandemic: the Route Ahead’ attracted over 40 registrations from across the cluster. The aim of the event was to provide an indication on how the pandemic has both changed the way we work as well as the opportunities that have arisen.

The opening presentation was from Dr. Royston Jones from Altair Engineering who looked at how the pandemic is likely to create an acceleration in the adoption of digital design & simulation. As companies are increasingly forced away from physical testing and are having to focus on getting better value from R&D budgets, he highlighted an increasing trend towards harnessing the full potential of simulation.

Dr. Hendrik Schafstall from Hexagon then treated the audience with a very comprehensive presentation which showcased not only how modelling and simulation technologies have demonstrated the effectiveness of wearing face masks, but also how the key strategies for a post pandemic world will supercharge the digital transformation in businesses.

A fascinating presentation from Tom Avery-Hickmott and Jared Blackford from Wirth Research explained some of the work they have been doing to reduce the potential spread of harmful viruses and bacteria in confined spaces utilising targeted airflows along with sophisticated filtering systems. Applicable both for air travel as well as buildings, the presentation highlighted how even cramped spaces can be made safer in terms of the potential spread of airborne viruses and the like.

The final element of the event was a round table discussion led by EMW and Hoare Lea, where the future of work was discussed. As the pandemic has forced home working and flexible working upon many companies, the discussion explored what this would mean for the future of business premises and the relationship between employers and staff as well as the challenge of how to integrate new starters into the team while being home bound.

The event is available for review here.

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