Lawyers can help to save the planet

Woodfines Solicitors

2nd July 2021

At home I’m trying to do everything I can to reduce my carbon footprint with an air source heat pump, solar panels and an EV but as a corporate lawyer it sometimes feels that my professional contribution to achieving the Paris climate objectives is rather limited.

Of course my colleagues and I have adopted paperless files, complete most transactions using e-signature platforms and have shifted to a mindset that involves a lot more working from home but that doesn’t feel anything like enough and I find myself regularly questioning what else I can be doing.

It turns out that the answer is in how I work with my clients – at Woodfines we have clients across all spectrums, including haulage, manufacturing and technology, who have the scale and influence to make a real difference in their markets. And peers at The Chancery Lane Project have recently been compiling a set of climate-first clauses that can be adopted and adapted to enable businesses to align their commercial and environmental objectives and aspirations.

Some of The Chancery Lane Project’s model clauses (all of which are named after their authors) are more ambitious and controversial than others but I have read them all and every single one gives me cause for celebration – there is something I can do that will make a material and significant difference.

I would encourage you to visit their website to take a look for yourself, but in the meantime wanted to share a selection of my favourites with you that cover the entire lifecycle of a corporate, from inception through to exit.

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