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Silverstone Technology Cluster

10th July 2020

The Silverstone Technology Cluster’s Digital & Advanced Manufacturing Special Interest Group organised its first online event for 2020 on July 9th.

Organised in conjunction with both Medlink EM and the Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) the event featured inspirational case study presentations as well as valuable information to encourage engagement with potential future opportunities.

Andrew Mair of the MAA started proceedings with a brief introduction to the MAA, before G&O’s Steve Boyd outlined his company’s commitment to quality systems-led innovation as well as their role in the Ventilator UK challenge. His tale of fierce competitors coming together to deliver against unheard-of timescales was truly impressive.

This was followed by a brief introduction to Medilink from Teresa Smith, before Neil Campbell, Director of one of their member companies, Inspiration Healthcare, shared his story of their role in the Ventilator UK project. His presentation echoed some of the frustrations felt by other SMEs who offered their help and support during the pandemic crisis, but also made clear the vital role they, and other SMEs played in its success.

After a brief introduction to the STC, two of its members outlined how they re-vamped production and process in their business to help with the pandemic situation. Niall Johanson from Charpak outlined how his business not only assisted with the production of face shields, but also how they were able to support a nationwide supermarket chain with one of their fresh food challenges. KWSP’s Kieron Salter then told the story of how they changed their business during the pandemic while also launching a brand-new face mask / respirator.

Nicholas Brown of the EMAHSN then delivered his presentation on the purchasing chain within the NHS, and how the pandemic altered things. Nick also shared advice and a number of resources for businesses to utilise to help them get engaged with the NHS.

Last but by no means least, Andrew Mair gave a very informative presentation on how the pandemic has influenced the aerospace sector, alongside projects of recovery and how things have changed to meet the needs of the current situation. Andrew also emphasised how many businesses in the aerospace sector are keen to engage with businesses from other sectors, and hopefully a more collaborative future awaits for us all.

Please view the event on our Youtube channel:

D&AM SIG Event – Opportunities in the New Normal – Part 1

D&AM SIG Event – Opportunities in the New Normal – Part 2


Speakers and Presentations:

Here are the introductory slides of the organisations involved:

Andrew Mair – MAA

Teresa Smith – Medilink EM

Pim van Baarsen – STC


Here are the speakers’ presentations:

Steve Boyd: Supplying Different Industries: Opportunities and Challenges

Neil Campbell: From Pandemic to Collaboration – An SME Experience

Niall Johanson:”Bounce out” Technologies

Kieron Salter: Re-aligning your Products and Processes

Nick Brown: The NHS Supply Chain

Andrew Mair: Aerospace post the Pandemic




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