Inject Innovation into Electric Vehicles by Maximising the Potential of Simulation

Inject Innovation into Electric Vehicles by Maximising the Potential of Simulation

12th September 2019

In our everyday lives, we are experiencing the impact of digital technology with increased connectivity facilitating the explosion of big data.  Simulation technologies are also developing rapidly. However, product design processes, established over decades, are often conservative and slow to evolve.  This availability of powerful simulation technology coupled with the disruptive nature of the electric vehicle powertrain presents new opportunities for companies to revisit the design/ development process.

Showcasing New Simulation Technologies

The seminar will showcase a number of unique simulation technologies and processes which exploit the availability of the latest simulation software and computer hardware solutions.  These technologies can predict the performance of complex multi-attribute or multi-physics (e.g. NVH, crash, thermal management, CFD etc) behaviour products, significantly reducing development time.  In addition, optimisation technologies can be deployed to deliver outstanding performance and consequently product differentiation.

The winning companies will embrace simulation and embed the technology at the heart of their design/development processes to facilitate the simulation-driven design.  Attend the seminar to understand the predictive power of the technologies and the innovation that simulation can inject.

Why you should attend?

  • Learn the latest developments in simulation technology and design processes
  • Apply these best practices to improve your own digital design process
  • Network with prominent individuals in the EV engineering community and discuss key points of interest

Who should attend?

CTOs, Business Leaders, Simulation Managers, Lead Technical Specialists

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