Industry experts come together to share valuable insights on deploying AI technology and how it’s changing the way we do things at STC’s DSM SIG event

Silverstone Technology Cluster

28th April 2022

The Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) held the A.I. A Brave New Dawn? event hosted by Hexagon on Thursday, 28th April. Led by the Design, Simulation & Metrology (DSM) Special Interest Group (SIG) and hosted by David Brown from Hexagon, the event offered valuable insights from industry leaders, who shared their experience and knowledge on the topic.

The event focused on the evolution of AI over the past decade and the most recent advances in AI technology. Nowadays, we have limitless access to vast amounts of data, but how can we make the most of it using machine learning and AI?

Our experts highlighted the changes in the ways AI could be applied and utilised across multiple disciplines in different industries.  From washing machines to world-record breaking bicycles, machine learning and AI have changed the way in which engineers work today and this is only the beginning of an exciting journey.

In addition to the presentations, our speakers also took part in a panel discussion, which prompted many questions from our in-person and virtual attendees, particularly around the practical application of new technology and AI solutions.

Our thanks go to our expert panellist speakers:

·       Andy Fine, Global Commercial Head at Neural Concept

·       Kambiz Kayvantash, Sr. Director of ML/AI solutions for Design and Engineering at Hexagon

·       Sean Lang, Data Strategist at Altair

·       Alistair Grimshaw, Senior Data Analysis Engineer at Prodrive.

Don’t forget our next event, Creating a Healthier Future, part of our Wearable Technology Special Interest Group Event, will take place on the 26th May. Book your place HERE.

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