How to build a sustainability strategy


28th February 2022

According to a 2022 McKinsey report, “reaching net-zero emissions will require a transformation of the global economy”. So what does this mean practically, for business owners? How can they support the transition to net-zero?

We had the pleasure of speaking with Lara Young, Group Climate Change Director at Costain, to understand how she developed & executed Costain’s Climate Change Action Plan – and how she would advise other businesses to approach creating their own sustainability strategy. Watch the full interview here.

The MPA Innovate Lunch & Learn series brings our viewers bitesize thought leadership, opinions and discussion on key topics surrounding innovation and business.

The following resources and plans were cited during this interview:

Costain’s Climate Change Action Plan 

Costain’s Climate Change Solutions 

Supply Chain School of Sustainability 

Follow Costain or connect directly with Lara on LinkedIn here.


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