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10th December 2018

IR Global (international network) speaks with Colin Smith, Partner in the Corporate & Commercial team about Global Business, Contracts & Marketing and how it has been affected by GDPR.


During this recent podcast, Colin discusses the following key questions:

  • What’s new under GDPR since May
  • Typically, what size companies need to be aware of the new legislation and is it sufficient / do the rules need elaborating on
  • Are there any new trends since May in terms of organisational governance
  • How has GDPR been implemented into marketing strategies – have you seen any difficulties arise / companies overreacting to the new legislation – any examples you can give would be great
  • How is it affecting user experience
  • What happens to those who are still non-compliant? Are there any cases you can tell us about where a company has been prosecuted due to not complying
  • What are your top 3 key points / recommendations you would give an organisation that still needs to improve their data protection policy

If you have any questions about GDPR or any aspect of corporate or commercial law, please do not hesitate to contact Colin direct on or 01494 478605

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