Free Download – ‘Fundamentals of Investing’

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29th April 2019

The world of investing can be a complicated place. For a novice investor, taking your first steps to build an investment portfolio can be unsettling.

With this in mind the team at Longhurst have put together a free guide to arm new (and experienced) investors with the knowledge they need to invest with confidence.

This guide contains what we believe to be the 10 most important items of investment wisdom for all investors. Understand these ten investing fundamentals and you are more likely to make wise investment decisions and less likely to step on any investment landmines.

We’ve deliberately left out the sort of jargon usually associated with investment guides.

We’re also making this available to Silverstone Park residents and Silverstone Technology Cluster members without the need for you to provide us any form of pre-download information (such as your email address).

If you already have your own financial planner/adviser we hope this free guide provides you with a useful second opinion.

If you do not have a trusted adviser, but would like to understand the long term benefits of a relationship, please do not hesitate to let me know. 




Chris Broome FPFS, Longhurst

Chartered Financial Planner

T: 01327 223243



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