FIA Environment and Sustainability commission seat & high profile appearance for STC Ambassador Cristiana Pace

Silverstone Technology Cluster

11th March 2020

In addition to appearing at the globally renowned Transforming Transportation conference, Silverstone Technology Cluster (STC) Ambassador Cristiana Pace has been appointed to represent Motorsport UK on world motorsport governing body the FIA’s Environment & Sustainability Commission.

It means she will be the UK’s ‘eyes and ears’ when it comes to FIA environment and sustainability policy which extends beyond motorsport into mobility.

Cristiana’s own company ENovation Consulting concentrates on projects involving sustainability, change management and education. She is also a renowned engineer in her own right

Such credibility led to her being interviewed on stage in January by international journalist Femi Oke at Transforming Transportation 2020, co-hosted by the World Resources Institute and World Bank in Washington DC.

The audience included many innovative companies as well as policy makers and government officials from around the world.

Cristiana said: “I was able to explain how business clusters (the STC) can drive innovation and technologies in a more efficient and effective way.

“One of the big focuses of the event was on electric mobility and how technology evolves – a very interesting subject when you live and breathe motorsport which is the R&D lab for most of the automotive companies. There are lots of examples of technologies which have trickled down to find solutions in big challenges like climate change.

“The application of flywheels to generators, some of the technologies developed within the Formula E and Formula One teams including the drive-by-wire and light-weighting solutions are examples of how technology initially developed for motorsport is now in mobility, in everyday cars.”

Meanwhile, Cristiana’s new role with Motorsport UK means she is among 24 elite members able to vote on policy made by the FIA’s Environment & Sustainability Commission.

“I am delighted to represent Motorsport UK on the Commission along with Tom Purves (former CEO, Rolls Royce) and it’s a real privilege to be able to make a real change and drive the sustainability agenda of motorsport.

“After many years in the sector building a legacy for road safety, I am almost overwhelmed that the industry is also recognising my expertise in environmental and sustainability, building upon my PhD and many NDA projects in the sectors.”



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