FEAST2 are supporting Food & Drink Businesses


2nd June 2021

The Food & Drink Forum has successfully secured grant funding under the European Regional Development Fund (“ERDF”) to provide specialist support for food and drink manufactures who meet the eligibility criteria under this scheme. This scheme has been secured until September 2021.

What range of services would be offered to manufactures?

Grant Funding – Any eligible food and drink manufacturer will be offered up to 25% of grant funding in the event they are seeking to acquire new production equipment to aid growth, productivity and the creation of new jobs. There are minimum/maximum spend limits placed on this funding and so any new equipment must be at least £4,000 and no more than £200,000 in order to benefit from the funding.

Technical Support – Up to 12 hours of fully funded technical or mentoring support on issues like product lab testing or recipe nutritional analysis.

Business Mentoring – Access to information on market intelligence.

Industry Events – Access to industry-related events which will be organised by the Food & Drinks Forum along with its industry partners.


Find out more from Daisy about our update: https://bit.ly/3vL9aUD

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