Ensuring Continuous Development for Transport Professionals

Woodfines Solicitors

8th November 2018

The Senior Traffic Commissioner, Richard Turfitt, has recently published a reminder that transport managers and operators need to make sure they keep up to date. Mr Turfitt has reinforced the importance of continuous professional development for those responsible for managing haulage, bus and coach operations.

Transport managers and responsible persons within operators should ensure they can demonstrate they meet their statutory responsibilities to the Traffic Commissioner. The publication states that this may be particularly essential when:

  • They have not been acting for an operator within the last 5 years;
  • Their qualification is more than 10 years old; and/or
  • Their ability to exercise continuous and effective management is under consideration at a Public Inquiry.

As a reminder, it should be noted that the Office of the Traffic Commissioner has recently introduced a set of revised Statutory Documents. Transport managers and operators should be proactive in managing their professional development and make sure they are aware of any updates to ensure they can effectively manage their transport operations. Should you wish to familiarise yourself with the updated Statutory Documents they can be found here.

You can find the Senior Traffic Commissioner’s publication in full here

Woodfines’ Transport team will be providing essential updates for transport businesses at our Autumn Transport Conference at Cranfield University on 29 November 2018 – please click here for more information.

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