Does ESG Matter? a FREE webinar 5th of May at 11 am –

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26th April 2022

FREE webinar 5th of May at 11 am – Does ESG Matter?

I am delighted to have been invited to join the Responsible Futures FREE webinar on the 5th of May at 11 am GMT+1 – Does ESG Matter? By registering you will be sent a recording of the webinar in case you can’t make the date –

What is ESG and does it matter? Is having a sustainability and social responsibility strategy the same and how do the two overlap?

Companies, their investors, and other stakeholders are becoming increasingly interested in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

A symbiotic relationship between ESG and CSR
These two terms emerge frequently in corporate discourse: Both terms relate to the social responsibilities of businesses. While CSR holds businesses accountable for their social commitments in a qualitative manner, ESG helps measure or quantify such social efforts.

We are going to delve deep into ESG as it may not be what you are looking for or what you understand it to be and you simply need to define your sustainability and social responsibility strategy. Or do you need to be measured on your ESG to help with your board objectives and investment strategy.

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