Developing the Next Generation of Smart Connected Products

Developing the Next Generation of Smart Connected Products

26th February 2020

The 5th Altair Electromagnetic Simulation Seminar
FREE Seminar | 31st March 2020 | HMS Belfast, London

Manufacturers are integrating sensors and antennas into a huge range of products to create innovative smart, connected devices but this trend creates new challenges for engineering teams.

Design cycles are becoming shorter and systems more complex, leading organisations to implement (semi)automatic optimisation and machine learning approaches in their daily engineering workflows. The result is more mature products developed faster, with reduced reliance on physical electromagnetic test programmes leading to significant time and money savings.

This free to attend seminar will showcase manufacturers from across the automotive, aerospace, defence, and telecommunications industries. Our presenters will reveal how their engineering teams are using the latest simulation technologies to design and optimise antennas, assess and mitigate electromagnetic compatibility issues, and develop efficient products through virtual testing, as well as sharing insight into their product design processes.

The event represents an excellent opportunity to witness the latest EM simulation technologies and see how they are being applied on real engineering programmes, giving you insights that you can take back to your workplace.

Who should attend?
The seminar is of interest to engineers, analysts and managers involved in the design, research and development of electromagnetic / electromechanical devices and antennas.

The attendees will benefit from:

  • See how OEMs and tier suppliers are developing world-class, connected products through the use of leading EM simulation solutions
  • Understand how these companies are compressing development time through the application of new EM simulation techniques
  • Learn the latest developments in EM technology and see how they are being applied to predict and optimise EM device performance
  • Discuss how to apply these EM simulation techniques to improve your own product design process
  • Network with prominent individuals in the UK EM engineering community


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