Cyclopic and Productiv Ltd – Invitation to join our Industrial Steering Group – Innovate UK SMART Grant Project


20th April 2020

Dear STC Members,

We are inviting you to take part in a study for our E-concept vehicle currently under development as part of an Innovate UK SMART Project, and form part of our Industrial Steering Group (ISG). The vehicle uses 4 Cyclopic wheels, which are driven by independent electric drive-systems. Each incorporate drive, steering, braking, suspension and have a unique benefit: – Height adjustment with kerbside delivery, parallel parking, energy recovery etc. 

This brings a multitude of possible benefits to the end user, including active vehicle toe, 4-wheel steering, dynamic mass distribution and aerodynamic condition change: as well as more direct benefits such as ease of entry, enhanced terrain navigation, improved parking and induction charging capability.  

Cyclopic are looking to you, along with the rest of the industrial steering group, to influence the design by guiding us about which of these benefits are most relevant to your company and under what conditions they need to operate. 

The project will take place over a 12-month period: where we will be regularly updating you with the status of the project. However, we only require your input during the initial research phase, with any further assistance strongly appreciated and welcomed.  

Should you consent to participation, please feel free to contact us, this will allow us to generate high quality, quantifiable data. It would be beneficial if you can provide us with strong and relevant technical information.  

This will be followed up with a phone call to further discuss your preferences. At which point your information will be filtered and processed by our team, to be integrated into the statement of requirements (SOR) for the development unit. All your data will be confidential, and unless otherwise requested by your organisation, will only be shared internally. 

We understand that our product may currently have limitations in your field, but we hope that our demonstrator unit will display elements that are as a minimum transferable in the future. We would be very grateful for your participation irrespective of perceived relevancy. 

If you would like to discuss any of the details of our very exciting project that will provide innovative electric transport, please feel free to contact us! 

Many thanks for your time and consideration. We would really value your contribution and are committed to form an excellent Industrial Steering Group. 

Hope to hear from you shortly.

Kind Regards, 

Cyclopic and Productiv Development Team

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